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Welcome to UX Agent, the portfolio of A.J. Russo, a seasoned creative director, marketer, and UI/UX designer with extensive experience in the realm of interactive multimedia design.


I believe, as designers, we are agents of the user experience, charged with lessening the learning curve for those destined to interact with the products we create.


Simplifying complexity is our mission, achieving user adoption and business growth through thoughtful, user-centric thinking that ensures our products are intuitively understood.

“The role of a designer is that of a thoughtful host, anticipating the needs of guests."

Charles Eames, American Architect



Leading both local and remote teams for over two decades, I've had the privilege of steering innovation and marketing for a wide array of digital products, including mobile apps, web tools, games, interactive TV, and music entertainment.


Lessons learned have enabled me to lead and inspire teams, communicate effectively with colleagues and customers, and foster supportive environments that have driven success for everyone involved.

UX Agent now provides access to a small representation of that work. Feel free to reach out with questions!

If your company would benefit from what I bring to the table, let's talk shop! A whiteboard, a cup of coffee, and a problem to solve is my idea of a good time.
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