eXpress Softball is Eastern Montgomery, PA's premiere travel softball club for players wishing to experience a level of competition beyond recreational softball play.


With all local clubs vying for the same pool of talent, research showed an opportunity to standout as no club had a particularly strong web presence. Meeting with club commissioner Elise Baker, several goals were identified:


  • To create a modern website capable of setting eXpress apart from rival clubs

  • To create a site easily maintainable and scalable for the future needs

  • To create a registration system for team tryouts and future events


A 13-week project to complete, my work included all copywriting, UX and visual design, and co-managing all photo and video shoots.

“AJ exceeded all my expectations. He understood the goal, ran with it, and created a website both sleek and simple to use. I couldn't be happier."

Elise Baker, eXpress Softball Commissioner


Black Cat Fastpitch is Philadelphia’s elite softball training facility.


With a great customer base, an active social media presence, and a reputation for results, BCF’s lone marketing struggle was, an informational website that had been hacked leaving more 404 errors than working pages.


Meeting with co-owner Leigh Elko, we agreed the best course of action was a clean start on a new server. However, to save time all previously written content from the original site would be re-utilized and photos/videos would be added by BCF at a later date.


Primarily text-driven at launch, this website was a four-week project to complete.

“Working with AJ was refreshing. He listened intently and delivered exactly what we wanted and needed, while also giving us the ability to collaborate at our own pace."

Leigh Elko, Black Cat Fastpitch Co-Owner


Founded in 1909 as an automated musical instrument company, AMI has spent more than a century developing hi-tech musical entertainment solutions for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industries.


Desiring a modern website that better showcased its suite of products, AMI contracted web design agency The 215 Guys to complete its build.


Throughout this process, I worked with the agency to define the website's desired UX.


I additionally guided the creation all imagery and video, while also overseeing the development of all written copy.