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AMI Co-Pilot 2.0 Walkthrough

AMI Co-Pilot is the only app today designed for jukebox installers and venue owners – providing financial reports, remote control capabilities, and promotional tools to drive customer acquisition and retention.

While installers, otherwise known as operators, have access to the app’s full set of features, venue owners (and staff) have more limited permissions.

Version 1.0 separated these two user experiences into different parts of the app. A venue owner, upon logging in, was brought directly to their venue’s core control menu. The venue's jukebox installer could also access this menu, but through a user experience that required navigating through several administrative control menus first.

Over time, installers eventually discovered themselves using venue-specific controls far more often than administrative ones. Version 2.0 represents a reorganization of the app to adjust the user experience to their shared feedback.



Upon detecting a sign-in associated with an installer or operator, version 2.0 of Co-Pilot launches a new "Route Management" menu. From here, an installer can see all AMI devices currently installed on their route. Financial data is provided, as is a time stamp for each devices' last communication with AMI's server. Reports are divided into three segments: Jukeboxes, Tap TV, and Network. While providing a simple summary today, Network will eventually house global editing controls.


After a venue is selected from Co-Pilot's Route Management menu, its "Control Menu" is displayed. From here, all remote control and promotional functions for the venue are accessible. This one-touch access, post-login, took up to four touches in version 1.0.

From the segment tab labelled "Basic," songs currently playing on the jukebox can be cancelled or paused, volume can be adjusted, and background music stations can be changed. Devices can additionally be powered up/down or restarted. It should also be noted that, post-login, venue owners and staff are brought directly to this screen, minus the tab labelled "Operator."


Designs for Power Controls, Event Mode (extended pauses), Volume Controls, and About Device appear above.


Co-Pilot allows installers to create "Location Staff" accounts, enabling venue owners, managers, and staff to use the app with a limited set of permissions.


Launched during the 2020 pandemic, Co-Pilot's "Blast Notifications" feature enabled installers and venue owners to directly message patrons that had used the AMI Music app to play music at their venue. As government restrictions on in-venue dining eased, venues owners used this feature to communicate "We're Reopened For Business"messages to past customers.


A key feature of Co-Pilot is its ability to create, schedule, and manage digital signage that can be deployed to jukebox screens. See Ad Manager Case Study.


Using the same UI framework as its digital signage tool, Co-Pilot additionally allows users to upload images that be scheduled to appear on the jukebox or on connected TVs.


Version 2.0 moves all screens exclusively designed for use by installers and operators underneath a new segment labelled "Operator." This tab does not appear for location staff members. Features appearing here were previously displayed on menus that installers had to navigate through, before reaching a venue's core controls.

This feature-rich tab includes designs for chat support, viewing revenue, remotely launching a jukebox's calibration and setup, managing staff rewards, scheduling background music, and more.


Note: All iOS screens pictured above where designed in Sketch. For more information regarding this design, feel free to contact me!

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